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Best Restaurant Management System in India

Restaurant software is a boon to the food and beverage industry. It is the most effective tool to improve customer services. Our well-designed restaurant management software provides a wide range of best features either niche restaurant types or restaurant whole.

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Best Restaurant Management System in India

Our restaurant management system helps restaurant managers and owners run a restaurant end to end. Our best tools associated with restaurant management software are being used by the restaurant employees to keep track of inventory, orders, payroll, and analytics. Both owner and manager can use our restaurant management tools to compare business practices at multiple locations in India, ease the onboarding process for newcomers and track their effectiveness.

Restaurant software is a boon to the food and beverage industry. It is the most effective tool to improve customer services. Our well-designed restaurant management software provides a wide range of best features either niche restaurant types or restaurant whole. The restaurant management system developed by SigmaIT Software Designers reduces the manual errors in the bills. An error-free billing system always keeps your image clean and allows you to grow your business from anywhere in India.

Restaurant Management System Can Help You With;

Online Reservations

That day went by when restaurants had no other way than pen and paper-based registers for recording the reservation details. It’s a modern era where everything is digital and being monitored by computers. The restaurant management system is also a wonder of science and the use of modern techniques that can help you receive an online reservation for your restaurant in India. Customers in your locality can book a table at your restaurant’s official website or mobile app, and the request will automatically be saved in your restaurant management software. The main feature of this module is that it enables restaurant persons (manager/owner) to receive customer orders from different channels. At the same time, this POS system will notify your customers immediately after the booking confirmation from your side.

Table and Waitlist Management System

Once you and your customer confirmed the reservation, the management team needs to ensure that the table is ready for the guest. You can use a table management system to plan a seating arrangement for your customers. This module in the restaurant management system allows waiters to serve guests as soon as possible. Such a module also helps to track the waitlist parties and canceled reservations. Sometimes, your seats are not enough to welcome all your guests – mostly small restaurant owners experience this issue. As a result, your customers feel more inconvenience and forced to wait for a long time. Sometimes, customers are not able to wait and they walk out. With the SigmaIT Software Designers restaurant management system, you can manage your waitlist very easily and offer your customers a royal entry.

Digital Menu

During the development of your software, we always try to design it according to your business and give a user-friendly look. Our software allows customizing the product image and description whenever you want. Our best restaurant management system’s digital menu offers you a great opportunity to show an aesthetically appealing menu to your guests. You can change your menus according to the time slots including lunch, breakfast, and dinner in some simple clicks. In addition to this, the restaurant manager can also change the product’s name, price, and photo at any time.

Online Order and Delivery

Driving to a restaurant or waiting for an order looks a little inconvenient even when you’re offering a quality service. Today, most customers prefer to order their meal online and get delivered to their doorstep. Your customers can visit your website or mobile phone to place an order. If you integrate your website with SigmaIT Software Designers restaurant management software, you’ll get notified every time your customer placed an order. This will help you manage your multiple orders without any difficulty.

Inventory Management

Inventory management is a very challenging task for any type of restaurant owner. You need to get real updates of your stocks to make sure you’ve all the necessary ingredients in sufficient quantity. No restaurant owners want to cancel an order because they don’t have supplies – it can affect your reputation and pull your worth down.

Table Side Ordering

Usually, the waiters need to walk back and forward between the kitchen and the dining area to collect guest’s orders and deliver them to the chefs. Sometimes, it causes manual errors and difficulty for waiters. Restaurants that use our restaurant management software do not face this issue because of its user-friendly design. Our restaurant management system allows customers to place their orders digitally. They can choose the beverages and food they would like to eat through the tableside ordering menu. Once a customer finished his/her order, it will be forwarded to the kitchen. Now that customers and guests can place the order for beverages and foods through their smartphones and sent it to the kitchen without any reference of waiters. Call Us Now to Get Extraordinary Restaurant Management Software. You may call us at +91 9956973891 or +91 7905940332 from anywhere in India.

Analytics and Reporting

The restaurant POS is also known as "place of sale" software gathers information to generate accurate reports. It helps restaurant owners/managers make better decisions about the work and employees. This restaurant management system helps all food offering companies in India to maintain their staff’s work and make proper reports. It also helps them to figure out their most selling products and also products that need improvement.

Gift Cards and Loyalty Programs

Once a new customer visits you it’s your responsibility to retain him for the future. If you’re not able to do so, you can’t survive in the business. To do so, you need to focus on your customer service and food quality. At the same time, it is good to implement a loyalty program to get your customers back frequently. You can use our restaurant management system to launch a loyalty program. Your guests can participate in the same and get some reward points every time they visit you or purchase something from your restaurant. Once they reach the reward phase, they’ll able to redeem their points for free food.

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