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Real Estate Software Company In Lucknow | Real Estate Software Development Company In Lucknow | Real Estate Software In Lucknow

SigmaIT Software is a premier Real Estate Software Company in Lucknow, specialising in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions tailored for the real estate sector. Our robust real estate CRM software streamlines workload, manages contacts, enhances client interaction, forecasts sales, and optimises critical processes for brokers and agents. With our intuitive CRM software, accessing essential data such as property details, client information, transaction data, and communication reports becomes effortless, saving time, money, and resources.

As the top Real Estate Software Development Company in Lucknow, Sigma Software offers innovative solutions that help generate leads and increase revenue. Our expertise lies in developing cost-effective, user-friendly real estate software and websites. We have crafted tailored property management software for Indian real estate companies, equipped with comprehensive static and dynamic reporting capabilities. With over 35 ready reports covering areas like leads, payments, brokerages, and complete accounting, our software ensures efficient back-office management.

Our property management software is designed to streamline inquiries and facilitate prompt action. It's tailored specifically for property managers, offering complete control over management processes. Amid the myriad options available when searching for a real estate software company in Lucknow, SigmaIT Software stands out as a trusted and comprehensive solution provider. We deliver a 360-degree integrated real estate software solution to meet all your requirements

Key Features of Real Estate Software

When a anyone plan for real estate software so everyone want to know what is the key features of the software so here is the key features:

  • Property Listings Management: Organise and manage property listings effectively.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM): Facilitate efficient client interactions and management.
  • Transaction Management: Streamline and manage real estate transactions.
  • Marketing and Advertising: Tools for marketing properties and advertising services.
  • Document Management: Securely store and manage crucial real estate documents.
  • Financial Management: Handle financial aspects such as payments and invoices.
  • Integration and Compatibility: Ensure compatibility and integration with various systems.
  • Analytics and Reporting: Provide in-depth analytics and reporting capabilities.
  • Property Search and Matching: Enable easy property search and matching functionalities.
  • Property Valuation Tools: Tools to assess and evaluate property values accurately.
  • Calendar and Task Management: Efficiently manage schedules and tasks.
  • User Permissions and Security: Ensure secure user access and permissions.
  • Virtual Tour and 3D Modelling Integration: Integration of virtual tour and 3D modelling for properties.
  • Communication Tools: Enable seamless communication between stakeholders.
  • Lease Management (for Property Managers): Tools for managing property leases.
  • Customer Support and Training: Offer reliable customer support and training services.

Key Benefits of Real Estate Software

There are several key benefits of real estate software provided by SigmaIT Software best Real Estate Software Company In Lucknow Or Real Estate Software Development Company In Lucknow like that

  • Agent Management Features: Including account creation, brokerage rate setup, payment tracking, and ledger management.
  • Permission-Based Access: Admin, staff, and agent-specific access for various functionalities.
  • Payment Mode Options: Different payment methods like EMI, down payment, etc.
  • Rate Management: Management of charges related to properties and agent brokerages.
  • Reports and Alerts: Automated reports and alerts for property availability, payments, etc.
  • Status Alerts: Notifications for property status like sold, due, booked, etc.
  • Customer Section Account Features: Sections for handling various customer-related tasks and records.

Choosing the Best Real Estate Software Company

If you are finding best real estate software company in lucknow or real estate software development company in lucknow for your property business so here your search is completed because:

  • Meetings and Updates: Organise meetings and provide market trend updates.
  • Team and Scheduling Management: Manage teams and schedules effectively.
  • Data Analytics and Dashboard: Offer comprehensive data analytics and reporting.
  • Lead Generation and Tracking: Generate leads, arrange and track data efficiently.
  • Email and Notification Integrations: Efficiently integrate email and notification systems.
  • File Sharing and Data Funnel Management: Facilitate sharing and handling data efficiently.
  • Social CRM and Reports: Utilise social CRM and provide detailed reports.
  • Customised Solutions and Customer Support: Offer personalised solutions and strong customer support.
  • Track Record and Specialization: Demonstrated expertise and specialisation in the real estate sector.


When choosing a real estate software company, consider their ability to manage your property business efficiently, including their technical features, ease of use, adaptability, and customer service quality. SigmaIT Software, being a leading Real Estate Software Company in Lucknow, offers comprehensive, user-friendly, and tailored solutions to meet your real estate management needs effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions

Real estate software is a system or management, program that manage multiple requirements of real estate sector manage multitasking programs in one click. Real estate software is very important because software reduce your time and you can manage all operation in one platform.

Yes, our real estate software is completely customized software according to different different needs so our real estate software is fully customized.

Here are few tips for sifting through all the options to find the best real estate software for your business.

  • Identify your requirements
  • Enjoy free demos
  • Compare different products
  • Compare different services
  • Check the reviews
  • Make sure the organization offers free technical support
  • Purchase best real estate software after getting a perfect match as per your requirements.

No! Once we finalize your project and its estimated cost, there will be no extra charges..

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