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Parent Notification System Software in Lucknow

SigmaIT software parent notification system helps schools and colleges communicate with guardians and notify them about their child's growth, activities, and other reports.

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 Parent Notification Software

Parent Notification System Software in Lucknow

Parent Notification System Software development in Lucknowis a notification system providers for schools and colleges. Our web-based platform has been successfully delivering email and SMS text messages on behalf of schools and colleges.

Parent Notification System Lucknow is a notification system that helps school/college administrators communicate more effectively with parents, students and staff members.

Hence the need for a platform that allows parents and teachers to communicate efficiently. A teacher must be able to send messages to the parent any time there is an update. In turn, the parent needs to take action based on the school notifications they've received. For example, if the teacher sends an assignment notification to the parents, they can motivate the child to get it done before the next school session.

Features of Parent Notification System:

  • Provides instant notification to parents and institute community via Text Message to cell phone
  • User can define who will receive the alert
  • Define your message
  • Send Daily performance of student
  • Send Attendance or Late coming student information to thrie parents

parents notification system software in lucknow

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