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We make every little to challenging effort to make sure you get the desired software solutions for your business. With our team of experienced professionals, we have gathered much repute amongst our clients for exclusive software development services in India .

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Top Omr-Softwares-Developement

Our OMR software is very easy to use. OMR sheet processing software offering the advantages of speed, accuracy & flexibility. Our OMR software is based on artificial-intelligence image processing technology.Our OMR answer sheet checker software is ideally useful for evaluation of OMR based MCQ (multiple choice questions) type exams. OMR answer sheet checker software is mostly used by educational institutes, HR firms and government recruitment agencies for evaluation of objective type exams.

OMR reports available as subject-wise, class-wise, category-wise, rank-wise, candidate report card, graphical progress analysis. Multiple sets of question paper can be evaluated easily through single window. Negative marking, bonus marking, decimal marking supported by our OMR software.

Key Features Of Omr-Softwares-Developement

Create your own OMR sheet design

  • You can create your OMR bubble sheet design using inbuilt OMR sheet designing tool. E.g- Survey, Admission, Examination, Complex OMR etc.

Use any normal scanner

  • You can use any scanner flatbed/MFP/ADF to get scans of the OMR bubble sheets. No specific features are required to process.

Read All types of OMR sheets

  • It reads traditional and plain paper OMR sheets with an ease. Even the Photocopy would work.You can use N no. of question paper sets and process.

Cropping of desired area from OMR sheets

  • Verificare can easily crop images, signature or any desired area from the OMR form.It has a feature to highlight mandatory fields on the OMR forms

Data Sorting

  • Sort and filter data as per as requirement and save the view for future use.OMR application has a function to identify duplicate records.

Barcode and machine printed text supported-

  • Verificare can easily generate, print and read 1D, 2D barcodes and printed text (OCR) on your OMR forms.

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