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Best Library Management Software in India

SigmaIT library management software helps librarians keep track of their documents, inventory, and member subscriptions. It allows them to organize multiple physical locations in one system.

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Top Digital Library Management Software in India

In any school or public location, it’s too hard to maintain the library as there come several readers at different slots of time. Every reader comes with a different choice and wants a particular book at a particular time. It can be hard to search for a unique book and provide the member what he wants.
Here comes the use of our best library management software in India. Our web-based library management system has been developed with the intention of making libraries more organized and simplified.
It helps library owner and subscriber to;

View availability of books

Check stock status online

Manage check-ins and checkouts

100% Accuracy with Minimal Manpower

Our best library management software helps libraries with hundred percent accuracy and minimal supporting staff. It helps them maintain the details of outgoing and incoming books and members on a particular date and time on a single click.

Some of Our Great Features

Barcode System

SigmaIT library management software is based on a bar code system to manage all items easily. In this system, unique codes are assigned to all books and saves in the software. It works as an indication tool that gives accurate & timely data support by identifying the bar codes.

Library Automation

An online public access catalog system, also known as OPAC, is used for searching online library data. OPAC enables a resource-sharing program, and a bibliographic search can be done by the author, number, and title. It’s an advanced system for library automation.

RFID System

The term RFID refers to radio-frequency identification using electromagnetic fields to track and identify tags attached to an object automatically. In our library management system, RFID is used to identify a particular book through its identification. Using radio communication between the tag and the reader, RFID identifies a book and a reader to help the librarian manage all the books.

Digital Library System

Our software offers the best digital library system in India. It stores all information digitally and in a well-organized & systematic manner in order to generate effective results.

Benefits of Using Library Management Software

Simple & Easy

Our library management software is simple, user-friendly, and can be integrated with your existing system.

Increased Library Engagement

Avoid frustration by providing readers with 24x7 access to library resources from anywhere, anytime. It helps you increase your library engagement.

Highly Secure and Reliable

SigmaIT library management software is fully secure and reliable to ensure seamless access to the library database

Mobile Access

Our software provides mobile access to search catalogs, books, schedules, and resources from anywhere.

Dynamic Reports

Dynamic reports, graphs, and charts by the software can be used to review and track the progress to make better decisions.


Our automated library management system is user-friendly, robust, and developed for easy entry to make all operations free from errors.

Why Library Management Software?

Most successful librarians rely on library management software to manage asset collections and improve relationships with their members in India. They use our digital library software to keep track of their documents, inventory, and subscribers.
Software is helpful for both educational institutions’ libraries and private or public libraries. Librarians can use our web-based library management system to reserve and loan documents, while the managing staff can employ the system to manage the catalogs, and inventory.

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Frequently Asked Questions "FAQs"

Our library management software enables you to track the status of books and the details of subscribers, and a complete user database. Our digital library management software manages all operations in the library from cataloging to serial control, issued and returned books, and due date calculation.
You may choose the best library management software by following these steps:

Understanding your library needs

Setting your goals based on the requirement

Prioritizing the essential features & functionalities

Choosing the suitable modules for your library

Now connect with SigmaIT and discuss your specific needs. Once we are done, we’ll provide you with the best version of your needed software.

Not specified. The cost of our library management software depends on several factors. Please contact us to know more.

Our software supports Android and IOS devices as well as Windows, Mac operating systems.

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