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Excellent Hospital Management Software for Gods on Earth

Hospital management software is here to make your business operations faster and easier. Our automated system streamlines all necessary functions like patient management, legal compliances, and medical inventory.

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Best Hospital Management Software in India

We have the best hospital management software that enables you to grow your hospital business in India. It’s customizable to healthcare providers of all sizes and types and can serve all kinds of medical staff.

Our hospital management software can integrate all the HIS (hospital information system), processes, and machines into an intelligent information system to derive operational efficiency and help hospitals in the decision-making process.

Benefits of Using Hospital Management Software in India

Centrally monitors revenue from different departments (stores, finance, procurement, inventory, and HR) in addition to core hospital parameters. It also helps you at other steps by providing comprehensive data on patient traffic.

One-Stop Solution

SigmaIT Software Designers provides an all-in-one solution for all your unique hospital management requirements in India. All modules are integrated to flow the data seamlessly across the system. Use our hospital management software to lower the costs of integrating and efforts to approaching multiple vendors for different purposes. For example;
Queue management
PACS (picture archiving and communication system)

Automated Workflows and Kiosks

Our hospital management software comes with fully automated kiosks and workflows to reduce pressure on your supporting staff. Software allows;
Fast-tracking of patients
Enhance discharge processes
Reduce paperwork

Electronic Health Records

Being one of the best hospital management software providers in India, we store your patients’ entire data digitally. In order to enable a more effective patient management system, the software creates and manages data in different categories according to hospital departments.

Improve Clinical Outcomes

Improve overall clinical outcomes with SigmaIT Software Designers hospital management software’s process & predictive model design.

Intelligent Analytics

Our effective hospital management software helps doctors and management staff with the following abilities;
Track operation theater utilization;
Delays in discharge;
Patient turnaround time;
Revenue leakages, etc.

Faster Turnaround Time

The software helps you boost your hospital efficiency with remote patient monitoring and a tool that automatically syncs patient vitals with his medical records.

Software’s Key Offerings

Appointment management
Purchase management
Registration management
Reporting and statistics
Enquiry management
Management dashboards
Billing management
Inventory management
Asset and maintenance
Insurance management

Benefits to Doctors

Quick access to appointment schedules, patient details for discharge, and rounding lists
Minimal upfront costs for the facility
Communication tools for accessible referrals and transmission of patient data
Remote viewing of patient details
Easy for data entry
Telemedicine capability

Parent Notification Software

Why choose SigmaIT Software Designers Hospital Management Software?

We are unique;

Our features are highly competitive, scalable, and un-compare with other hospital management software companies in India. It supports all the mobile devices, artificial intelligence, and analytics capabilities that make our software unique.

Easy to Use

Our software interface is very easy to use and loved by all doctors, patients, and other users. It offers all the necessary information in a single click.

Client Support

Our client support team is always there to assist you and ensure the smooth functioning of your advanced hospital management system.

Frequently Asked Questions "FAQs"

Hospital management software is a digital system that helps organize the details related to health care. It manages the data associated with all departments of a hospital.
Sure, why not. Hospital management software is suitable for all sizes of hospitals, and you may use it for your small healthcare business as well. It will help you achieve new heights in the same business.

Our primary modules are;

Appointment & queue management
OPD registration
OP patient management
OP billing
IP registration & billing
Doctors revenue sharing system
Staff management
Document management
OT management
Material management, etc.

No, not compulsory. You may choose modules according to your requirements.

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